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OpenDataPlane (ODP) provides a data plane application programming environment that is easy to use, high performance, and portable between networking SoCs. This documentation is both a user guide for developers who wish to use ODP and a detailed reference for ODP programmers covering APIs, data structures, files, etc. It should also be useful for those wishing to implement ODP on other platforms.


ODP consists of a common layer and an implementation layer. Applications written to the common layer are portable across all ODP implementations. To compile and run an ODP application, it is compiled against a specific ODP implementation layer. The purpose of the implementation layer is to provide an optimal mapping of ODP APIs to the underlying capabilities (including hardware co-processing and acceleration support) of of SoCs hosting ODP implementations. As a bootstrapping mechanism for applications, as well as to provide a model for ODP implementers, ODP provides a 'linux-generic' reference implementation designed to run on any SoC which has a Linux kernel. While linux-generic is not a performance target, it does provide a starting point for ODP implementers and application programmers alike. As a pure software implementation of ODP, linux-generic is designed to provide best-in-class performance for general Linux data plane support.

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