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Membership Form

If you or your company want to take an active role in the OpenFastPath project, then a membership in the project is the best way to help you achieve your goals. To become a member, you need to sign an applicable membership agreement and agree to the bylaws. If you want to take an active contributor role, you also need to sign the Contribution Agreement. You can find all these document under Resources.

There are three levels of membership in the foundation; Founding Core Members, Core Members and Community Members. Founding Core Members and Core Members are in essence at the same membership levels, except that the Founding Core Members have a guaranteed seat on the Board for the first three years of the project. The annual membership fee for all core members is $5,000 and offers an opportunity to affect the direction of the project, participate in the voting and a possibility to have your representative on the Board and in the Technical Steering Committee.

A community membership is free of charge and offers an insight in the projects undertaken by the working groups.

In order to join the OpenFastPath Foundation, fill in this membership application form and you will be contacted by a representative that will take you through the process: